Nextory in numbers and the people behind it

Book publishing is the worlds largest sector of content creation. Outvaluing other giants such as music, movies and entertainment with a total revenue of 151 billion USD worldwide. The way we consume books are changing and digital reading is rapidly gaining market shares. It’s a fast expanding market and Nextory has the results to prove themselves a major force in this revolution.

Nextory is a flat fee subscription service for digital audiobooks and e-books. The service offers consumers a large catalogue of digital literary content and offers its users to explore new reading experiences using their smartphones or tablets.

  • +175%

    Growth of Nextory in Q1-3 2018. Digital books, same period, in Sweden grew 37%.

  • +202%

    Nextory’s growth in 2017. Digital books, same period, in Sweden grew 50%.

Streaming services are the future

There is a shift in the book market where digital books are gaining traction and subscription based streaming models are proven successful. A transformation already seen in music, movie and TV-shows. Nextory is a key player in the market for digital books (audio and e-books) founded on the vision to increase reading.

The people behind Nextory

Nextory was founded by Swedish serial entrepreneurs Shadi Bitar and Ninos Malki. With their origins in Syria both founders learned early that reading is key to successful integration into a new society. “Immersing oneself into the world of the great classics or acquiring new insight by reading a biography, is not only about self-improvement but it also contributes to a betters society” is a quote from Shadi that offers crucial insights into the founders entrepreneurial path.

Their business journey in Sweden started in 2007 launching what was to become Sweden’s largest independent audio-book publisher Earbooks. Since then, they have launched numerous businesses ranging from distribution to e-commerce. For their business achievements Shadi and Ninos was handed the King Carl XVI Gustaf’s prize “Årets Nybyggare” by his Royal Majesty himself.

Nextory is a private company. The founders Shadi Bitar and Ninos Malki retain an important ownership but it is also backed by some of Sweden’s most recognized investors.


  • Shadi Bitar

    Founder and CEO

    M.Sc. Eng. (KTH) and M.Sc. Econ. (SU). Former Board member of The The Swedish Publishers’ Association (SvF).

  • Ninos Malki

    Founder and CTO

    M.Sc. Eng. (KTH).

Board of directors

  • Helena Herlogsson

    Investor with background as Deputy Managing partner Ernst & Young. (part owner of Frescano Group).

  • Ola Strömberg

    Chairman of the Board. Experience from CEO-roles within digital consumer companies and others (e.g. CDON, eBay, Oriflame, Mercuri International).

  • Per Skyttvall

    Investment Manager ACACIA

  • Tore Tolke

    Investment Manager Industrifonden.

  • Fredrik Månsson

    Entrepreneur and business angel focused primarily on IT, bank, nance. Chairman of the Board at Hyper Island. (part owner of Frescano Group).

  • Lars-Erik Blom

    CEO of LK Finans, which is the investment company in the family-owned Lagerstedt & Krantz AB.